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About ExWitch Ministries

ExWitch Ministries is . . .

ExWitch.com is an anti-pagan website started by Kathi Sharpe and is now run by her partner, Richard. Their goal is to drag others into their false faith in hopes of gaining the vindication to their existance they are unable to find in their bible.

About Kathi Sharpe

Kathi Sharpe is a christian cultist who claimes to be an ex-witch(See the link "What is an ex-Witch?"). Like most Christians, she and her partners in crime, utilize fabricated “I saw the light” stories in a sad attempt to get others to believe jesus was real. Kathi Sharpe claims her "expertise" in Witchcraft and Wicca are based solely on her running an AOL Wicca discussion board... That's it! This is the equivalent of someone once hanging a cross on their living room wall and after a couple years, take it down and tell everyone they used to be a catholic. Combine this with the fact that her so called "testimony" has changed over the years and is now almost a completely different story than from the one she started out with, the truth is clear that Sharpe Inc. is based on lie, upon lie, upon lie.

False Testimony

When ExWitch.com first went up, it contained Kathi Sharpe's fabled claimed of being a former Wiccan turned christian. But lately, her story has completely changed (with exception of the ending).

The original story's main details were as follows:

After many years of finding no happiness in the Craft, she was feeling depressed.
This is practically an oxy-moron. Those who are devoted to the Craft have very low depression rates. But we have no doubts about her depression because it's an obvious tell-tale motivator behind her need to feel superior over others.

In her fit of depression, she gets on her knees and prays to God to prove to her that he truly exist.
Yet another tell-tale to her dishonesty. Aside from the fact that most all Wiccans would pray to Goddess before God, kneeling is not a part of Wiccan prayer. The second issue is the fact that Wiccans do not doubt the existence of the Gods. Goddess and God are all around us, and a part of us. We only need open our eyes and we can see them. Listen and we hear them. Feel and we can feel them. We are a part of them, and they us. We have no doubts.

The next day she is having trouble with a computer problem at work. She gets much needed info to solver her IT problem from a person who has an email address like "Bob@jesuslovesyou.com". That's it! This was her prayer's answer. She went home, threw away her pentacle necklace, deleted her AOL discussion board and started exwitch.com.
From that day forward she has been telling the world how she used to be a Witch and is now a christian for jesus. Actually folks, this is about the weakest story ever told(besides the nativity). This further proves her original lack of any belief, devotion or honesty to the Craft. The fact that someone would be willing to drop a supposed long-held belief over something as petty as an email address, truly attest to her ability to have faith in anything at all. One can be damn sure that her supposed "faith" in jesus is just as frail, if existent at all.

The new story posted on her site doesn't have anything to do with any email address, and her night's prayer has changed into a completely different scenario. Regrettably I do not have the details of her new story memorized enough to post here, but I will as soon as I can read it again.


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