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Christianity, a communist's religion.

With all this Obama talk these days, one word spouted out again and again by christians is “communist”. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them have no idea what communism even is. 99% of people believe it just means “dictatorship” or “Nazi”. This is the result of the best education system in the world not teaching students about communism and what it actually is. First we have to look at the root word “commune”, which means “a closed group”. Communist are people in a group who practice strict conformity and share the belief that everyone in the group shall share what they have. In many ways, democracy is one in the same as communism. (Bureaucracy is actually a more fitting word.) This is the belief that everyone in the group is allowed a say when it comes to decisions that effect the group. Also the sharing philosophy is often referred to as “redistribution of wealth”. In a commune, no one is poor, no one is rich. Aside from an elected official governing the commune’s wealth, all are middle class citizens. Another aspect is jobs are created by the commune for its members(i.e. government jobs). Communist only employ those within the group as to keep the wealth within the commune as much as possible. The popular notion that all communist groups in the past have ended up as dictatorships is true. But the same can be said about all social structure models including American democracy. Basic fact, once those in charge get their power, they will abuse it.

Now that we have clearly outlined what communism is, how does this fit with christianity?

Christians desire to(if not already do) live in christian communes. There are already thousands of christian communes. (See List). These are “Closed groups” that live by their own laws and only allow others of the same to live with them. Anyone who does not conformed is either kicked out and shunned or in some cases, killed.

Christianity is not a democratic religion, it’s a 100% certified Dictatorship. Members have no say in decisions that govern their commune. All decisions are made in accordance to what its dead god says in its bible is ok. These decisions strictly control the lives of its members. Everything from who they associate, how they dress, what they can say, to even what they can do with their wealth is controlled by those in charge who speak for their dead god. Churches not affiliated with communes are far worse because they strive to extend their dictatorship beyond the walls of their building and control the lives of all mankind. They take the wealth they have accumulated tax-free and funnel it into politicians and media propaganda to sway laws that force their evil ways on everyone. Controlled votes is not how a democracy is run.

The communes, as well as outside churches, redistribute wealth on a regular basis with collections plates that are passed around during every service. Those with wealth are either guilted(or in some cases, required) to give a chunk of it to the church. The church then either keeps all the money or gives a small portion of it to the poor members of the church and/or commune. They call this redistribution of wealth “christian charity”, but a commie by any other name is still a commie.

Christians believes that they should be able to only provide employment to those who have conformed to christianity. They feel it’s their right to violate people’s right to privacy to determine if said person have conformed, if not, they will be terminated and replaced.

In summery: christianity is a religion intolerant of non-conformist that creates laws controlling the public without public consent. It’s members only wish to employ those who are also members and redistributes wealth freely without the consent of its benefactor. How is this not communism?


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