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The six wounds of christ.

Many jesus worshippers often refer to “the five wounds of christ.” To which they try to pervert the holy number 5. Five is the number of life and Gods. It does, in no way, symbolize torture or death. But what christians are doing is trying to hide the fact that there are six wounds. In Hebrew mysticism, known as kabbalah, the number 6 represents imperfection and failure. Something that quite accurately describes their god’s message of living a wasted life and giving in to those who would kill you.

A lot of jesus worshippers have long excepted, and promote, the lie for various reasons. One is to keep the truth about their god’s mythology from being known. Since the number 5 is found so often in nature, jesus worshippers hypocritically commit an act of Paganism by equating their jesus to whatever aspect in nature they can find. One of the most common examples is sand dollars. Many coastal tourist areas sell dried sand dollars pinned to propaganda cards telling a made up story that the five marks on their shell represent jesus. Another reason is in an attempt to pervert the holy Pentacle, often going as far as to make the false claim that christians invented it.

How do christians get that number 5? It could be that they just lack the education to count any higher than one hand. Another way is they combine the wounds on the feet and count them as one. But the simplest explanation is they just make up whatever reason they want and their subordinates believe it. The following picture shows the six wounds and where they, according to the myth, were located.

#1 is from the crown of thorns that was shoved onto his head.
#2 + 3 are from the nails that were driven through his hands.
(In the last 30 years, the notion that he was nailed through the wrist has risen due to the fact that nails through the palms wouldn’t be able to support any weight. This is an explanation given by christian scientist secretly working for the Vatican to make the case that the Shroud Of Turin is somehow legit, completely hushing the fact that the Romans tied the arms to the cross to prevent the nails from tearing through the meat.)
#4 + 5 are from the feet being nailed to a pedestal affixed to the cross base.
Some depict his feet as being nailed separately but then jesus worshippers would have to throw out all the propaganda relating to "the three nails".
#6 is from a spear tip to the side. This was the finishing move

Something else that is interesting is that a cross has 12 sides made from two sets of six, specifically a wooden cross such as the one jesus was nailed to. So here again we see a pattern of the number 6.

When jesus is combined to his cross a startling numerical truth is revealed that all christians not only don't want the world to know, but also will do whatever they can to deny the fact presented right here.

Even jesus without his cross still represents 666 when his number 6 is squared by the number of nails used on him. Those same three nails that are so loved by the christian cult.


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