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What jesus can't do for you.

Jesus can't forgive you.

Jesus does not have the power to forgive anyone for their so-called “sins”, especially when it was not him who was wronged. Christians believe that if they steal from someone, they can receive forgiveness from jesus so long as they ask him for it and they are forgiven for their crime. This is nothing more than self delusion and avoidance of responsibility for their actions. And it is this evil that is part of the rotten core of jesus worship that brings about so many corrupt politicians and company CEO’s. In their world, christianity is the law. But no matter how they try to cover their guilt, the only one who can forgive them is the ones they stole from. And according to christian law, without jesus’s forgiveness, jesus will gleefully hand you over to his friend satan, who will torture you for eternity.

The Law Of Karma is what one is breaking when one commits a crime against another. The Goddess and God are not going to punish you in some evil and hateful way, like drop you into a fire pit for all eternity. Like all actions in the world, you give off energy with each action, word, thought and feeling. This energy travels out into the world. When you do something you know is wrong, you send out negative energy. These energies eventually come back to you in one form or another. Praying to the Gods to forgive your actions will not work. You either have to take what’s coming or you can nullify the energy by going to those you first sent negative energy to and ask forgiveness. This will send out positive energy that will act as a shield against the negative energy.

Jesus can’t perform miracles.

Everything in their new testament that claims to be a “miracle of jesus” is nothing short of cheap illusions. In some instances, some of his so-called miracles were never witnessed by anyone. Those who said he did them were not even there. It’s all there in black and white. Maybe the writers of the new testament should have thought longer about those parts of the stories before they included them. Then we have the reality that all of his supposed miracles would have been in fact, Witchcraft. While christians attack all who practice spell casting, magic and potion work and call them evil, their own idol is guilty of the very same things. By calling them “miracles”, they avoid turning the crosshairs towards their own false god.

Unlike jesus worship, Witchcraft is the study of magic. True magic is understanding the power of Gods and Goddesses, and how it flows through everything and everyone. It does not utilize dishonest illusions to woo ignorant crowds into believing what can never be. Instead it's a power of gentle, subtle "pushes" to change to outcome of future events. Unlike jesus worship, its results are not falsely measured on one's amount of faith.

Jesus can't heal the sick.

One of the biggest and most dangerous aspects of jesus worship is faith healing. Even to this day, thousands of people (a lot of them children) die every year due to false placed faith in a demigod that doesn’t exist. On the rare occasion someone who was sick pulls through, they are placed on a pedestal by christian churches and propaganda is made about them in the christian controlled media to one purpose, to convert people. If these same media outlets and churches displayed the number of those healed by their demigod compared to those who died, christianities followers would number well below scientology within a week’s time.

Unlike jesus worship, Witchcraft whole heartedly supports modern medicine to work hand in hand with Magic. After all, it was Witchcraft that modern medicine is derived from, not christianity. It’s Witchcraft that first introduced the concept of medicine and prayer being used in tandem. Christians may try to deny this fact but it’s them who are preaching to people that all they need is prayer. It’s the Goddess and God who gave all living things the ability to heal themselves, while christianity has only brought ignorance and death to sickbeds.

Jesus can't love you.

There are many reasons for this, the first being that jesus never existed. Another reason is that according to the christian doctrine, jesus came to Earth not to spread love, but hate. One of the fables about jesus gives a quote where by he says:

“I came not to send peace, but a sword.”

Another aspect of his supposed love is that he requires you to love him over your children.

“He that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.”

This is not love, this is abuse and fear. Still not convinced?

“If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple."

How can you find love from someone who is so anti-love, that they even wish you to hate your family, friends and even yourself? Self hatred is the main driving factor as to why people turn to jesus worship. People who are afflicted with self hatred are seeking something to give them a sense of self worth. Unfortunately, they are easily seduced by jesus worship because it encourages a false righteousness over others. It feeds their ego while perpetuating self hatred.

BUT, don’t fret. You can find love in the Craft. We know that the God and Goddess have love for all things, for it was the love the Goddess first felt when she saw herself in the cosmic mirror that brought forth all existence. We feel their love in newborn life, in good fortune and even at the end of life when all things are reborn. And you too can experience that love. It requires no commitment, no money and no dishonest illusions. All you have to do is cast aside all the evil of christianity that has been thrust upon you and open your eyes to the glory, and divinity of the Gods in all existence. When you feel the sun upon your face, that is the love of God. When you see the moonlight at night, that is the love of the Goddess. The next time you drink a glass of water or take a deep breath, that’s the love of the Gods too.


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