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The War On Yule

Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas

Early December 2011 on the national AM radio show “The John & Jeff show”, they were discussing the controversy concerning “Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas”. A number of Christians called in and all of them said the same thing. “I will never say Happy Holidays because I don’t want to compromise my faith in jesus.” The simple fact is, if merely wishing others to have a great holiday with a chance that they may not be of your faith could “compromise” your faith, then you really need to re-evaluate your faith because it’s at that point you need to realize that your faith is weak and resting on values that can’t stand up against common courtesy. Witches on the other hand, CAN say “Merry Christmas”, weather we are particularly crazy about the moniker or not is of little importance to us. This is because Witchcraft is strong enough to not be able to be compromised by such an insignificant thing as wishing others of a different faith Blessings. After all, isn’t that what the christians are claiming the season to be all about?

Yule by any other name

What christians call Christmas, IS actually Yule. There isn’t one thing about Christmas that is christian. The entire holiday belongs to Paganism. From the trees with light donned with Five-pointed-stars, to wreathes, to presents, to mistletoe, to the Christmas ham(now that’s kosher, isn’t it?). Even caroling is unchristian. Have you even actually listened to the lyrics for “Deck The Halls”? Even the nativity is un-christian. It’s blatantly plagiarized from the Egyptian God Horus… who WAS born on December 25th.

Q. So where did all this controversy start?
A. The christians. Christians

While claiming persecution and creating a fake war on “Christmas”, have begun an all out assault of all other faiths in the world who celebrate the Winter Solstice in one form or another. The christian propaganda machine has grown very strong and in recent years aimed its sights on it’s most threatening enemy, TRUTH.


Another chunk of ammo used by the christian propaganda machine to perpetuate their phony persecution is the now vast use of Christmas’s abbreviation “Xmas”. They get screaming made because people out there “Dare to cross jesus out of Christmas”. But as usual, these people do not listen to themselves. They say “Cross out jesus” because “X” IS A CROSS. That’s right. The truth that they don’t want anyone to remember is that 30 years ago CHURCHES created the abbreviation because they needed room for their limited space signs out front. So the X was the logical choice, it’s a sideways cross. Christians reading this right now are probably screaming in disbelief “If they made it then they would have used a “T” for a cross! NOT AN X!” but here’s the nail in the coffin you’re their disbelief. Those clip-in-place letters ARE IN ALL CAPS. There is no lower case “t” for them to use. So “Happy Tmas” just wouldn’t cut it.


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