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Q. Do christians hate pagans?

A. Yes. They are required by their doctrine to hate all that they are not. Christianity is a religion that worships death and breeds hate by means of fear. These are facts that they try to hide by twisting word meanings and manipulating context but the end to their means is the same… to attack ,convert and if neccesary, kill, all pagans. They claim they do this out of love, but have, will and DO so while they brutally torture and murder pagans. (i.e. the burning times and currently, African Witch hunts)

Q. Why do christians accuse Pagans of human sacrifice?

A. Simple, to distract from the truth that christianity is a religion that not only condones, but also requires human sacrifice. Holy wars that have been waged in the last millennia and to this day are the christians way to legally commit their human sacrifices. Long ago christians rode through the middle East killing any Muslims they came across. They would behead Muslim babies in their beds after raping their mothers. All of this was in the name of jesus and was called the “Crusades”. Later they traveled all across Europe and killed any Pagans they could find who refused to abandon God and Goddess. Hundreds of thousands were killed, many just to set examples to others. One of the christian’s favorite ways to kill was to burn people alive. Hence this time was called “The Burning Times”. Since these days, christians have used whatever means they can to hide their bloody and evil past. One of these ways is to pretend to be anti-human sacrifice, and what better way to convince masses you are against something than by accusing your enemies of being for it.

But don’t let them fool you with their lies. The complete contrary is the truth. Human sacrifice is condoned by their god. One of the christian “heroes” was Josiah. Josiah was an evil mass murderer who slaughtered close to a hundred Pagan priest in their temples. He slit their throats and cover the alters as blood sacrifices to the unholy god of isreal. Then we have another so-called “Hero” Jephthah. Jephthah was a warlord who offered his virgin daughter in sacrifice to the god of isreal to help him defeat his enemies on the battlefield.

Q. Do Witches force their beliefs on others?

A. No. Witches on the whole, do not care what you believe. They are secure enough in knowing the existence of God and Goddess to be real and the notion that someone else refuses to have faith doesn't effect the way things are. This is coupled with the fact that most all the Pagan community is unanimously against conversion. Witches have no desire to force your eyes open if you don’t want them to be. Converting and preaching is a cowardly tactic used by people who have no security in their own faith. These individuals don’t care about your soul. They only care about boosting themselves up onto a platform of false righteousness above others.

Q. Aren't you forcing your beliefs on others with this ministry?

A. No. You came here on your own free will. No one twisted your arm to come here. If you don't like what you read and refuse to except the truth, that is your perogative. "An Harm None, Do What Thou Will".


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