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Can You Be Saved?

From What?...

First off, there is no such thing as a hell. No loving god would allow such a place to exist. You love your children, But would you be a loving(or even sane) parent if you allowed some maniac to set bear traps outside their door to chomp their legs off, should they step out of their room? If you actually need me to provide an answer to that, you should go hang yourself.

Christians believe in a hell for two reasons.

  • - They have commited acts of evil and now fear punishment.
  • - They wish those they hate will be given pain for eternity, fulfilling their own sadistic desires.
  • Either way, only the wicked believe in a hell. Hell is the realm of the christian God of evil, Satan. A christian will never admit it but part of christian black magic is cursing. Whenever a christian tells someone they are a sinner, they are marking this person with a curse. Though seemingly benign, this is an incantation to Satan to come and take this person back to his hell and tourture them for eternity. The outcome of this curse is mainly to gain control over others through fear.

    Your Soul

    The first lie christianity teaches(and many other beliefs), is that the soul is immortal. Nothing could be further from the truth. It doesn't float away to planet-X or go to live in the clouds dodging jet liners. The fact is the soul decomposes upon death just like the body and stays here on Earth. Decomposition of life isn't a form of destruction, It's just ended life changing into many new lives. Just like the body, the soul breaks down and moves on in parts. Some stays in the grave with the dirt the body becomes. Some of it passes through the dirt with the moisture the body gives off. These are aspects of Goddess and the definitive proof She is a part of all of us. Likewise, parts of the soul move on in the gasses that leave the body, and the rest radiates with the warmth. These are of God and the proof of the divinity within all of us. These particles of soul come together with others in the making of new life. Weather it be in plants, bacteria, insects and so forth. The breaking down of the soul is why one has no memory of their prior lives. But some times enough of one person's soul is passed on that it carries memories. This is where past life phenomina comes from.

    Once you come to understand this, you will know your soul is in no danger and you will become free to truly enjoy life.


    The main staple of christianity is that their jesus will forgive you of your evil deeds and in turn, allow you passage into his heaven. The fact is, no one has the power to forgive someone except those who were wronged.

    According to christians, jesus forgives no matter how heinous the deed. Not only will jesus forgive a child killer and give him eternal paradise (so long as he simple “asked” jesus for it) but jesus actually “Loves” him.. Completely forsaking the parents and families of the murdered child. And not only does christianity call this “justice”, their jesus requires the family to “love” the murderer. All of this proves christianity's support of rape and murder, and attests to the evil that christianity is based on.


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