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Rebecca W.
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Testimonial of Moonchild.

Witchcraft changed my life and showed me how to be a better person.

My name is Moonchild. When I was a christian my name was Sheila. I wanted to have power over the things that scared me. I thought that it would give me that but all it did was create more fear for me. I was driven into a life of drinking, drugs and unprotected sex because christianity taught me depression and that I was worthless. It also taught me that ALL sex, not just safe sex, was a sin. So I was ignorant and unprepared to deal with sexual relationships as they came, combined with my drug and alcohol use I was a perfect storm for disaster. As a teen I began searching for truth and it was my school that kept me from looking any further than christianity. As I became more involved with christianity, I became very outspoken about the religion. I felt it was my duty to let the world know that christians are victims of persecution and that they were the sole purveyors of truth about God. But all I did was persecute everyone else based on my own self hatred and fear. I was utterly unhappy. Even though I prayed every day and attended christian gatherings, I still felt hopeless When I was 25 I drove away the man I was engaged to marry after I chastised his family for being Wiccans. I told him "Either it's them, or me and jesus!". His sister-in-law was the one that said she knew I was no good for him because how could I love anyone if I was unable to love the God and Goddess. So she got everybody to have a big circle around him, and they finally talked him into leaving. Devastated and alone, I turned to my bible hoping to find peace. I just thought I’m not really doing jesus's bidding enough yet. I searched everywhere for answers. I spent time worshipping my favorite rosary, praying and appealing to the holy spirit for answers. I really, really thought I was on the right track. I thought I was really getting somewhere. I thought I was becoming closer to god, but things were still a mess. A few years later another man came into my life, Kevin. Before long, we fell in love and decided to marry, but just like before, I found out his family was Wiccans and wanted the relationship to end.
I was really angry that once again Wicca had interfered with my love life, So I decided I'd have a little talk with The God and Goddess. I did believed that they had existed for so much evidence to exist. I said, "I'm really suffering here; I need Your help. You're supposed to be the Lord and Lady and all acts of love and happiness are your rites. I need some love here.' It was really strange, because I actually experienced peace at that point." I began reading the Aradia: Gospel Of The Witches and studying Wicca. I wanted to understand the peace and power that came over me after I prayed. I had so many viewpoints that had to change, but it was a process. I literally felt like a veil was being dropped from my eyes. I stopped drinking and quite all the drugs and cleaned my life. I learned that abstinence is the sin and that sex is a pleasure to be treasured and enjoyed, not condemned and to be used for self abuse. As our Lady said "If not you find without, you will never find within." I learned to love myself so that I may learn to love others. Me and Kevin got back together and began studying Paganism and going to Moots together. We gave our lives to Craft and soon married this time with the blessing of his family.
The first thing I thought was, "Boy, what a lot of wasted time that I could have been happy, that I could've been sober, that I could've been worshipping the right Gods."
After experiencing the power of the God and Goddess, I wanted to make sure I was leaving my old life behind. So I decided to change more that just my lifestyle. I always wanted to show the world that I truly was a child of the Gods and find their peace, and I thought that was kind of a neat name. That's why I changed to the name Moonchild.
Now my duty has changed. I no longer seeks to educate the world about who christians really are, but instead who the Lady and Lord is.
After preaching the bible for over 20 years, I never encountered any power like the power I encountered since I've been a Wiccan.
With the peace I've always longed for I am hoping to help other christian find it too. There is hope

Testimonial of Rebecca W.

I am writing to express my appreciation of your site, exwitchministries.com.

During a period of spiritual & personal confusion in my life, I was suckered into the sham known as ExWitch.com for a while, and into the Christian belief system. By the grace of the Goddess I was able to overcome such delusion, and am thankful for it.

Your points are all well made and there is a need for your site in this day and age as the Christian church attempts to take back those who have fled its dungeons of the soul for more fruitful paths.

Sincerely, Rebecca W*******

Testimonial of Leah H.

Being a witch I can honestly say that the craft has saved me my entire life. When my emotions get the best of me I find solitude and strength in the forest among the very things I worship, the trees, nature the bubbling of a nearby brook, it is calming to the spirit. When I am ill I find the very things that the Earth grows that makes me healthy again fruit & vegetables. Being a witch I do not trifle in such tales of satan, my Goddess would never love me so "little" as to cast me too a non-existent hell. My Goddess loves me unconditionally... mistakes, errs, flaws and all. RELIGION IS FOR THOSE AFRAID OF GOING TO HELL. SPIRITUALITY IS FOR THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN THERE.

Testimonial of Jason M.

I was born and raised by the bible. As a child I was taught that Christ was the only way and that all who didn’t follow him were never going to find paradise. For their beliefs were false and let by Satan. I was a model christian in my church. I attended after school bible studies, as did most my friends, William, Zach and James. I participated in many christian teen rallies with them, organized to spread the gospel to who’s beliefs were guided by Satan. As well as inform them of the dangers of drugs, pre-marital sex and homosexuality. Many times we profiled certain kids in our school that we felt was our righteous mission to bring the word of Christ to. A few of them were girls and a couple boys who we heard were having sex. We targeted them when they were alone. We didn’t bother with the dope-heads though. They were quick to get angry and we feared what we knew they would do. But this one boy, His name was Noah. We found out he had admitted to being not only a homosexual, but a Wiccan. This was a danger we could not tolerate. So after school we cornered him. We told him everything he needed to know. How he was playing with Satan and that if only he would accept Christ, he would see that he’s living a life of perversion. We kept him cornered for about ten minutes before he broke through us and ran off crying.

Later that night at our prayer group, we prayed that Christ would make Noah see the evil of his ways. But before the night was out, we had spent a long time discussing how funny a fag like him would look, burning in Hell. Zach kept cracking us up by jumping around, flailing his arms with limp wrist.

The next day, Zach didn’t show up at school. Later we found out that he was hit by a car on the way home and was in the hospital with a broken leg and cracked pelvis. Immediately we suspected Noah of cursing us. After school we met for a prayer circle and prayed to Christ for his protection and to punish Noah for his evil. We walked together on our way home. As we rounded the corner to our street we saw an ambulance at William’s house. We immediately started running. When we got to the door, Will’s father was being carried out on a gurney and into the ambulance. Will’s mother told him that his father had a heart attack and that they had to run to the hospital immediately.

Instead of going home we ran to what we felt was the source of our problems, Noah’s house. When we got there we started banging on the door. Noah answered. We started to tell him that his curse was hurting people and that he needed to stop it immediately. “What curse? I didn’t curse anyone.” He said. “We know you put a curse on us with your witchcraft!” we shouted. He then told us something we had never heard of. “What’s been happening to you all is Karma. It’s all the bad things you’ve been doing to me and everyone else coming back onto you guys. You’re the ones doing the cursing each time you’re doing your stupid little prayer circles. Haven’t you ever wondered why jesus isn’t answering your prayers? Us Witches don’t do curses because we know about Karma. It all comes back to you in the end.” We pretended we didn’t hear this and just continued making demands until Noah’s mother came to the door and told us we needed to leave.

Later that night in my room I kept thinking about what Noah had said. I pulled out my encyclopedia and looked up this Karma thing. I had never heard of it before and after reading how a good chunk of the world’s religions believe in some form of Karma I was curious. I thought back to all the things we had prayed for and how we never actually did see those things come to pass. Then I also remembered that the more we prayed for things to happen to people, things happed to us. I was starting to become frightened. Never before had I doubts about Christ and what I’ve been taught. So I lit a candle and got down on my knees and began to pray. I prayed “Dear God, Father of my Lord and Savior. I have come to doubt the bible. I ask you to please give me a sign of what’s right. So I may know what path is the true path. Amen” Just them the phone rang. To my surprise, it was Noah. He told me “Although I didn’t curse you, I can do something to help you… if you like. Can I come over?” I agreed and in an hour he came over with a book. It was about Karma and Witchcraft. We took turns reading it till it was too late for company, and he lent me the book to continue reading. After he left, I realized I had been given the first answer to a prayer. I realized that by praying to God with the candle in front of me… that happened to be white, I was praying to The God of the Old Ones. And that Noah’s call was the answer I was praying for.

Within the next four days, I had left the bible group, thrown out my bible and replaced it with many more books on Witchcraft. William, Zach and James no longer wanted anything to do with me but Noah was my new friend… and still is to this day. Nothing ever happened to me. I know I made piece with my Karma. The same is not so true for my old friends. All three had bad luck streaks all through high school, and even worse lived lives after. James is now serving 6 years for sexual assaulting his girlfriend. Zach’s father came home but with brain damage. Our church that his family had given so much to, refused to help out with the medical bills after they found out His mother was a bi-sexual and shunned them. He and his mother moved away long ago. William is an alcoholic deadbeat dad.

I have been a practicing Witch for 26 years now. I have a wonderful wife and two beautiful children who I am sharing the Craft with.


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